Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I love you completely part 8

Daisy Butter
Only first peeped her blog yesterday but so adorable.
Really clean and neat design, good content, really lovely feel to this girl's style.

SheisFrank Blog
Blog from the sensational She is Frank that we blogged about on the 31/08.

Lovely Package
Some of the most elite product packaging I've ever seen. I had a spell at college for wanting to design certain branding and products so this brings back loads of memories, wish I had it for inspiration back then though.

I've been checking this blog out for ages. This girl is not only boy crazy but she is actually crazy. Alexi is funny, caring, truthful, opinionated and honest. I swear some of her posts are everything that's in my head but written in a way that I could just never do. If your a girl and you are having fun then this is defiantly one for you...She does give advice to boys too about how to 'please your women' that's quite a comical side of the blog though.

Kris Atomic
Fabulous blog on the life of Kristina and her work. Strong illustrations and always a good interesting read.

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