Wednesday 1 August 2012

Thursday 12 July 2012


Apliiq is a new media fashion company that collects rare, deadstock and recognizable fabrics and applies them to everyday garments. celebrates the experience of fabric expression by offering limited edition and custom appliqué products in which visitors can choose the fabric, placement and garment color to make their own unique composition of color and texture. Each Apliiq product is made to order in downtown Los Angeles and comes packaged in a re-usable fabric bag. Browse the fabric library, customize your own and express yourself through fabric.

What do you think of this concept? Would you make your own garments?

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Kris Tate

Kris Tate indie illustrator, lives in a world of geomtrical colour with animals from the forest. She has always loved animals and identifies a lot with them, Fawns, Cats, Wolves, Bears, Foxes and Owls form her main source of inspiration.

She was born in the city of Guatemala where her native culture inspired her to start creating art. She moved to the UK and is now working in Manchester. She loves vintage fashion, and incoporates that into her work. Bright, bold colours and guestures with references back to the 80's and 90's.

Her work have become part also of URBAN OUTFITTERS where 6 of her art works are part of Urban Outfitters Wall Art Gallery. She have become to contribute with International fashion brands like Modernaked from Spain and Blood is the New Black.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Catalina Estrada

Lovely wallpaper collection and digital murals. Produced and distributed by Coordonné.

F is for Flower

The simple idea behind this self-initiated project was to play with the letter F since it's the first letter of ’flower’ but also of ’Fraktur’, which is the German word for blackletter.

Ali Gulec


Monday 9 July 2012

Power Flower


‘Harmonic Convergence’ by Christopher Janney at Miami International Airport.

‘Harmonic Convergence’ by Christopher Janney, a spectacular interactive sound, light and colour installation at the Miami International Airport. Created in the walkway from the rental car terminal to the main airport, Christopher used diamonds of coloured glass, the constant sun of Florida and a liberal coat of white paint to create a dazzling hall of pure colour.

Trip to Miami anyone? Via.

Deer of the Day #44


Sunday 8 July 2012

Vintage Duffer St George

Taking a look back into Duffer's 2006 collection a brand synonymous with British street style they have brought back one of their popular Beaver graphic crew neck.Influenced by 60's US college jumpers and their comical team mascots utilising traditional cotton marl fabric.They're an authentic well priced item perfect to keep you warm during this great British summer. Available here

Currently listening to - MS MR - Hurricane

MS MR - Hurricane from MS MR on Vimeo.

Tina Crespo


Markus Lupfer SS13 Mens Collection


Friday 6 July 2012

Saint Presents British Photography

As part of Saint's craft series they commandeered Soho's Lomography store with guest speakers Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop and Uslan Cevet. Jamie discusses his recent expeditions to Pakistan and Antarctica and his views on quality over quantity and speed which is often associated with digital photography nowadays. His views on photography as a craft revolved around the concept of creating an image rather than taking a picture focussing on the idea of timelessness within an image. 

Uslan is a self titled Lomographer part of the cult of photographers stripping back the rules and expectations of photography to create something new and exciting through the use of Lomo cameras. His view of the film being a persons paint and canvas encourage the average person to take up photography and get creative. 

We are all for people being creative and embracing the craft of photography, check out our Flickr Group which we use to pick images for our weekly Flickr Feature.


Thursday 5 July 2012

Another Batch - Galileo t-shirt.

Online store Another Batch has brought this wonderful Galileo t-shirt inspired by the world famous astronomer Galileo Galilei.

We think it's a uniqe and wonderful item of clothing, what are your thoughts?
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