Sunday, 3 October 2010

I love you completely part 9

Visual Editions
A great well designed website portraying books made into interesting design concepts.
Created by Anna and Britt in 2009, this website is full of great visual concepts and as they state 'great looking stories'

Good Fucking Design
'Fuck' is one of my favourite words, such a potty mouth! This website is quite comical in the use of the word 'fucking' but they actually do offer some design advice. I myself haven't submitted anything to them as yet but I'm sure it would be good 'fucking' advice.

Bird Face
This website spans the 6 year career of Bristol designer Helen Ward. Features some really nice work, I've been peeping it most days to see new posts about butterflies, exhibitions and Helen's general life. Really liking it so far. Very interesting read.

The Notebook Doodles
I used to always write stupid notes and poems, love letters, lyrics in my notebook, usually my school homework books, which I got told off for all the time! Anyways...This website showcases a place to record thoughts, creations, inspirations and photographic memoires. Some nice words on here that trigger inspirational thoughts and direction.

I am lucky enough to be 1/6 of this fashion, events, girl orientated blog. I really enjoying working with the fellow girls and some of the things posted are so good. You might have noticed that I personally don't really post many fashion related posts on here anymore, I leave most of that to the boys now and have taken my Miu Miu, Galibardy and girl crushes over here.

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