Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: Crown & Glory

Crown & Glory is a handmade jewellery company.

First Thoughts.
When I first saw these online I thought they were totally unique and cute. Was really excited with the choice that I got through as it they are perfect to wear on every day use, in the office, at a gig, out for dinner, for drinks, night out.
Lovely pale blue colours, packaged very nicely and could tell that alot of effort had gone into them. I also got a free lollipop! Nom. The only downside was that one of the little pearls popped off as I was opening the package. I gathered it was just down to postage though?

First use.
The clips were very secure and stayed exactly where I wanted them too all day. So that was a bounus. I got alot of compliments about them and I thought they looked great as one, two, three or four all bunched in together. I think they would look fab added to an outfit for a wedding, One of my oldest friends is getting married next May and I've already planned on wearing these with a plain simple dress. Again, only downside was when I took them out they just got completely caught in my hair and it was a tad frustrating also another pearl popped off, so ladies I think if you've got thick hair like mine it might not be the best!

For £6 for four clips, you can't go wrong. Girly, cute, secure and totally puts and interesting twist into any outfit. I would of bought them from the website if I had been directed there before being contacted by the owner herself. There are others on the website that I'd be interested in buying.

Verdict: For the lose of the pearls and the annoyance of taking them out I'm giving this a 7/10

Sophie has very kindly set up a 15% discount for our readers. All you need to do is enter 'deerbrains' at the checkout! This rungs until the 31st October.

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Crown and Glory said...

Thanyou for the review. We've reviewed the glue used on these pieces to a more secure silicone variety. There'll also be free returns for anyone whose product arrives defective.

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