Monday, 15 November 2010

About Us

Deer Brains was founded in January 2010. Since then we have gone on to reach over 160, 000 views, reaching a steady 11, 000 + hits per month. We've received numerous amounts of reviews, interviews and interest from established companies and people including Ted Baker, Alice Temperley, Swell Vintage, Supremebeing, Georgie Jagger, Vitamin Water, Vice UK, Bake Designs, ALKR, DownLow Productions, The Daily Street, Street Casuals, Death before Dishonour, Lazy Oafs, Daisy Lowe, We are Social & Don't Panic.

We write about our own personal work, our inspirations and we have features, reviews and interviews.

We would just like to Thank You all for all your love and support it's so overwhelming and satisfying to know that there is real love and interest in what we do.

The Deer Brainers.

Name: Stephanie Barnes.
Age: 24
Job: Social Media / Blogger / PR
Website: Deer Brains / Sofi Donuts / Brighton Fashion Week / Street Casuals
Deer Brains Role: Founder.
Social Media, Blogging, Design, Alice In Wonderland, My puppy Rory, Cuddles, Learning, Living, Giving, Dash Snow, No Doubt.

Name: Chris Lanaway
Age: 21
Job: Photographer and part time shelf stacker
Website: Chris Lanaway/
Deer Brains role: Photography and the flickr group
I live in a sleepy village sat between London and Brighton. I ride fix gear bikes, I skateboard and I shoot a lot of photos. I also have a strong interest in mens fashion. I am a huge magazine freak, I have huge collections pilled up.

Name: Matt Miller
Age: 24
Job: Making things happen since the 80's.
Website: Mister Mills / Rise Worldwide / Denimology / The Daily Street
Deer Brains Role: Streetwear / Music / Design
Please tell me other people carry a back up tee in their back pack?

Name: Tshepo Mokoena
Age: 22
Job: Social media intern/music & arts journalism student
Website: New Things to Like / Don't Panic
Deer Brains Role: Music / Photography / Fashion
Leather Jackets, Red Lipstick, DIY Music, ?uestlove's Hair, Cutting stuff out of magazines, Flying, Loose Glitter, Making Forts, Sketchbooks, Disposable Cameras, New Music.

Name: Phillip Bircham
Age: 21
Job: Student / Visual Artist / Blogger / Daydreamer
Website: /
Deer Brains Role: Video, All sorts of goodness.
Creative things, Good times, Music, Wasting Money, Sunny Days, Mint Ice Cream.

Name: Emma Rose Black
Age: 26
Job: Social Media / Blogger / Gohemian
Website: Deer Brains / GohemianTravellers /
Deer Brains Role: Events .
Blogging, Travelling, Fancy dress, 1950s style, Pictures in photobooths, Blanket forts, Drawn-on moustaches, True Blood.

Name: Katia Ganfield
Job: Freelance Journalist (Vice, Sweetandsound, The Line Of Best Fit, SuperSuper etc) + Festival PR
Website: Katia Ganfield
Deer Brains Role: New Music / Demos / Fashion
Seeing Twiggy on drugs excites me. Marilyn Manson is also alright.

For any questions about reviews, interviews, press, features, contributing please contact

Deer Brains Team

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