Monday, 29 November 2010

Ceramic Sneakers?

So I was forwarded one of the most random links yet yesterday about a guy from South Korea who makes ceramic art modelled from a pair of limited edition Nike Dunks.

My reaction undoubtedly was the same as your's right now.

Kang-seung Lee is his name, Hi-top art is his game. I'm still unsure what to make of it and if it's even worthy of me describing it as 'cool'. Here is his justification for the project.

"My sneaker project, modeled from a limited edition of Nike Dunk from my own collection, participates in the urban sneaker culture through the creative possibilities of the sneaker-form. It also challenges its extremely fast-changing and fame focused scene by using ceramics, one of the most traditional and labor-intensive mediums. Viewers will be able to enjoy the details and patterns on the ceramic sneakers, whilst being able to question what is behind the form by observing the various deformations of the pieces that often engage our emotions.

I've no idea what that means but looking over the images again and I'd have one...for free.

What are your thoughts?

For more on his flickr click here.

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