Monday, 22 November 2010

Flickr Feature

We have had an amazing response to our new flickr group (look HERE,) with some amazing work being submitted, so much that we decided to get the feature started early! Looking through it late last night we choose 5 of what we thought were the best submitted so far, it took a while with so much solid work in the group.

Here are those 5 in no particular order.

Jake Grear
We liked the simplicity of this, Jakes photostream is full of various delights!

See more on his FLICKR and BLOG

Eleni Mettyear
Girls in the country yielding guns, its pretty crazy which is probably why it stands out. Eleni's photostream has some pretty far out fashion photographs which push boundaries to what is considered the norm, it is safe to say that everyone should expect big things from her in the near future.

See more on her FLICKR and BLOG

Jack Gilliland
This drawing from jack is amazing, what is not to like?

See more on his FLICKR and BLOG

Quiet Corners

What can we say about this, The Framing is simply epic! The grain from the film gives this photo a very raw gritty feel which really suits the situation.

See more on his FLICKR and WEBSITE

Milo Belgrove

You have got to love this guy chilling in Union Jack playboy underwear with a smoke. Milo has some really strong work in his photostream and on his blog that is well worth a look, he does well to capture the people surrounding him in a very casual natural environment.

See more on his FLICKR and BLOG

Keep the submissions coming, we plan on doing a fortnightly feature of what is submitted to the Deerbrains group.

Go here to see the Deerbrains FLICKR group.

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