Saturday, 20 November 2010

GoGo Philip - Chunky Bracelet Review

GoGo Philip is a fast growing jewellery company that has already had coverage from The Telegraph, Mademoiselle Robot and Dansk Magazine. With some tip top collabs coming up with Susanne Madsen.

They kindly sent me over their chunky silver bracelet. Which has been perfect for all the meetings, family and 'posh' events that I have attended the past month. I'm such a lover of wearing simple cut dresses and adding accessories to glam up an outfit. Unfortunately my batteries on my camera ran out before I could snap a picture of myself with the bracelet and the outfit (lucky for you) but the bracelet received some nice compliments and made a statement on my wrist.

At first glance I was a little worried that it would pinch my skin but it was pinch free throughout the evening. I did end up bashing it against plates a few times but I put that down to my own clumsy ways.

To buy this pieces and other fab jewellery please go here.

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Anonymous said...

Love this Miss it so much

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