Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition

There is currently an exhibition on in East London of a series of photographs of Russian prisoners, taken over a more than 50 year period by prison warden Danzig Baldaev. Delving into the cultural crises that have plagued Russians over recent years through the medium of tattoos was something I never expected to see, but the exhibition is worth checking out.

It runs until the 29th November at No. 4 Wilkes Street, Spitalfields. You might want to contact ahead, as the gallery's opening times are subject to constant change (the first time I went it was shut). Admission is free for all.

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Anonymous said...

The Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition opening times are:
Thursday -Sunday 11am-6pm until Sunday 28th November 2010.
They can be view on the official website here: http://www.fuel-design.com/index.php?menu=5&tattoo=1

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