Sunday, 7 November 2010

Suzi Kemp

Suzi Kemp has composed a cute little 'Book of Norm' a nice expression of her art.

"There are four types : the cretin, the imbecile, the stupid, and the mad.

Normality is a balance of all four." Umberto Eco

You can't get more normal than a Norman. As a response to this quote, I collected research on as many people called Norma and Norman as I could find, in an effort to find a balance of normality within them.

The result is a hand bound illustrated book.

For more work by Suzi please click here.


nikki said...

digging all of this. reminds me of Blood Is The New Black, has she done work with them?


Kat said...

This is crazy- I just looked up her website as I recognised the name and turns out I used to live around the corner from this girl! Amazing work,will have to get in touch with her!

Kat x

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