Monday, 15 November 2010

Urban Industry 'Shop by Look'

Urban Industry do so many things right. Shopping by look being one of them.

I have no idea who invented the concept but if you're struggling to justify purchasing clothing from the likes of Penfield, 10 Deep, Alife, Brixton Hats, Only NY or Stussy (to name a few) purely because you don't know if it will 'go' then here is the solution.

It's pretty hard not buying something when you see it being modelled and then the 'add items to cart' button is right next to the clothes you see. They thought this out well.
Lookbooks are great (which Urban Industry have also nailed consistently) but I'm seeing this as becoming an online shopping standard.

For our Female readers....The models have more to offer than a fine selection of garments I'd like to add.
Chris running Elephanto, a brand currently offering a sick collection of tees and Raj produces music that the mind finds difficult to define. We're fans.

For more information on Urban Industry click here.

Oh, and check out Chris' site here and Raj's site here.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I will be spending a fair bit on Urban Industry this Christmas. Dam these boyfriends and their expensive tastes ;)

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