Tuesday, 21 December 2010


If you havn't heard of the inspirational brand 1ina100 then it's time to be educated.

Out of all the tees I own, and believe me there's a ton in the collection, It quickly earnt it's place in the top selection with its perfect fit and the softest cotton I've worn in a long time.

The whole ethos of the brand is to provide a visiual platform for young artists to gain exposure in the world of design. The brand gleans it's name from the fact that each design is limited to 100 custom made garments, individually numbered and signed by each contributing artist.

The quality of each silk screen is incredible. Each applied by hand to emphasise the subtlety in variation between each print. With a huge vision for impacting the world in locations such as Japan and America We're really looking forward to seeing what both the artist and brand creators are going to provide in the near future.

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