Monday, 6 December 2010

DBD's Latest ...

Have you been checking out the ever so slight changes with DBD Clothing recently?
Go on! Click here and see for yourself. Still don't see it? Ok, well here's just a few nice little adjustments from one of the UK's finest independant streetwear brands...

  • DBD sees it's first release of it's logo printed onto black material with white print. You've been requesting it folks so here it finally is!
  • The head has had a slight widening, looks far more regal now instead of being on the more decrepit side
  • Have you seen the new swords? Hamons are hot.
  • DBD is the new typographical inclusion
  • More attention to the shape of the helmet and the little mascot has been applied. It works.
Folks head over to DBD now and cop some gear. It makes sense.

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