Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Not all of us at Deerbrains have always been involved in the online / blogging community. Once upon a time one of used to work at GAME. It wasn't an unknown fact that the store didn't really attract the most 'fashionable' of individuals...most likely because the majority of gamers didn't really care who Vivienne Westwood was and is. It was usually a daily chore to spray the entrance with air freshener too to repel the lingering smell many brought in from too much gaming and not enough washing.

If only they knew about J!NX.

Finally a solution to the unfashionable gamer's needs... apart from the hygiene issue....that's up to you.

J!NX is based on comic book, geek and retro video game culture and the brand incorporates three core collections (Identity, Classic and Special). It's bigger than t-shirts and apparel though, it's a whole community! They're even expanding the Identity collection with cut and sew models in the light of 'retro Americana' featuring trousers, outerwear, sweaters and flannel shirts.

Each of the lines focuses mainly on menswear with a small selection of bespoke womens tees with regular fits, fitted or v-neck cuts in ring-spun cotton.

Their online community alone has 600,000 members who are passionate about not only the brand but gaming as a whole, the driving force of the brand itself.

Trust us, you don't want to mess with a hardcore gamer.

(P.s. I'm getting a PS3 this Christmas...I better schedule in bath time)

For more info click here.

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His mum buys his clothes

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