Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Ok, let us begin by saying, "Have you SEEN these boots?!". Are they not just incredible? For all us UK dwellers, how much have these been needed over the past few days?

For another year, Sorel has collaborated with Concepts combining purpose and fashion to create a masterpiece. Two models, a men's known as the 1964 'Premium' and a women's labelled the 'Tivoli' are on offer this season. Charcoal wool and red highlighs, Sorel's traditional rubber toe rendered in a rich leather for that classic feel. I'm not sure if by classic they mean that you feel like you own nature with every footstep made and the strong urge to tackle (rather than use a conventional chainsaw to disect) the tree in your back garden for firewood.

It's not often that boot manufacturers pull off alternatives for both sexes whilst still keeping in the theme of things. Just look how hot they look on her for example.

Ok, enough marvelling, all we're saying is yes, please Santa!

For more info have a peek here.

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