Thursday, 9 December 2010

STRADD + The Indie Shop Search App +

All hail the individual shopkeeper, passionate about sourcing original wares to excite their shopping constituency, keeping the local economy strong and maintaining a stand against the bland homogeny of large corporations taking over the retail landscape.

STRADD lists an edited selection of the finest independent stores only,
so you can track down premium style, near you, via your iPhone +

But who or what is there to support them in their mission to keep our towns & cities interesting and unique? Step forward the brand new iPhone must- have called STRADD, the indie shop search App, for tracking down independent stores & boutiques.

If you have an iPhone, the chances are that you appreciate great design and prefer dealing with independent-minded companies, rather than dull design and large corporations + STRADD, the indie shop search App, helps you locate key independent shops & boutiques with a design-edge near your location.

This App looks like it's going to be set for success for all the independent companies out there. Let us know your thoughts if you download the app. I'm quite jealous that I myself do not own one as I'm always interested in finding unique stores with amazing items in them.

For a more in-depth information please go here.
If you know any amazing boutique, independant stores you can suggest it here.
You can download it here.

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oh man swwweet. good stuff here

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