Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Birthday Giveaway #1

As promised, We're running a Giveaway to celebrate our very first birthday whilst simultaneously rid you all of those post Christmas blues. The giveaway will be split into two categories, the girls featuring this week and the boys next Wednesday 13th January.

Bitching and Junkfood

First up we have one of our favourite girl brands 'Bitching and Junkfood' these girls fronted by Kath and Marion have been on the market since 2009 and were joint together by the love of their niche designer labels and vintage fashion.

B&J stocks Cheap Monday, Neurotica, Koken to Zai, Rachel Freire and a whole range of other fab brands.

Marion has kindly gave us a pair of Remade Levis Bitchy Shorts that will look amazing at all the summer Festivals coming up.

(size 12)

To view the rest of Bitching and Junkfood please go here.
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Models Own nail varnishes

Models Own is a make-up brand that was established online since 2009. Since then they have gone onto selling on ASOS, in River Island stores and Boots.

We've got our hands on four fab colours (Magenta Pearl, Purple Rain, Blue Lagoon and Purple Passion) of their nail varnishes for you to keep your talons looking gorgeous.

To view the rest of Models Own please go here.
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Velvet Store

One of the most adorable stores in Britain. Established in 2000 by husband and wife Nick and Emma Harrop and Emma's Mum, Iris Draper. They sell furniture, lighting, clothes, shoes, accessories and this gorgeous hedgehog cushion that we have for you guys to win.

To view the rest of Velvet Store please go here.
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Lazy Oaf

Easily our favourite brand of our blogging life. After having a giveaway with them back in... The lovely Jerry has kindly given us their Geo heart necklace, mittens and sticker pack to add to our giveaway.

Lazy Oaf was born in 2001 on a market stall in East London, in present times Lazy Oaf is reachable in over 150 stockists worldwide. 2004 saw the opening of the store in Soho which has collections from Japan and the US.

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2 Sick Bastards

These guys pull out all the stops to get current affairs, scandals and hype out on very well designed t-shirts. Ben has kindly bumped us over with the infamous Tiger Woods 'Eazy Tiger' female t-shirt...Size Medium.

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A brand that came to our attention early last year when Sofi blogged their S/S collection. We instantly fell in love and we are very happy to be given a pair of Girls Rouge Pattern Pants in a size small from We are Rock Solid.

To view the rest of CTRL please go here.
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Alkr are the gods when it comes to protecting your ipad, macbook, iphone or ipod. We have got our hands on a 15" laptop cover and two ipad protection sleeves. As well as a selection of ALKR stickers.

To view the rest of ALKR please go here.
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Don’t Panic

To view more information on Don't Panic please click here.
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To end our giveaway we have Don’t Panic who are a youth marketing team that brings out devised issues, currents affairs, photography, events, design and more. They have kindly sent us three posters to hang on your walls, ceilings or wherever you feel most appropriate.

You will also receive a few packs of our Deer Brains – CMYK Brains pins.

All you have to do is follow these rules:

- Leave us a comment stating what your new years resolution is....the more inventive, thoughtful and creative the better as we'll be selecting the best entry to win the biggest give-away we've ever done! (They have to be real resolutions mind!)
- Go over to our Facebook fan page and like your favourite item in this album.
- Tweet 'Happy 1st Birthday Deer Brains #DBbigbdgiveaway'

Simple right? We will pick a winner on the 12 th February 2011.

Best of luck to all! Thank you for making our year amazing x x x


Christine Taylor said...

My ny resolution is too stop swearing or my daughter keeps saying she's gonna wash my mouth out with soap :(

Richard Wilkes said...

my new years resolution is 300dpi. In other words, do more print work and actually print off the hundreds of photos lost in the depths of the puter

Rachelc said...

My new years resolution is to eat more, drink more, spend more ---> live more.

Lizzie said...

My New Years resolution is to stop saying I'll do stuff and actually do stuff! I love making and creating but I never seem to do much of it. It's what I am really passionate about, so I am going to get stuck in and make some ace things and hopefully other people will like them too.

kjtgp1 said...

My New Years resolution is to live my life and be myself. In other words stop worrying so much about what others think of me.

sarahlondon said...

My new years resolution is to start drawing again. I used to be quite arty and inventive and then I went to Uni to do a business degree and lost all creative flair as well as my soul. And my iPod! :( I intend to spend 2011 regaining that artistic instinct, adding to a sketchbook daily and earning some money for a new iPod...or iPhone. That would be lovely!

Anonymous said...

My New Year's resolution is to stop making resolutions. I always make them and break them, so this should break the mold - I'm pretty sure I can keep to this one!

Kim said...

My new years resolution is to not have any new years resolutions. I always try to 'eat healthier' or 'exercise more' for about a month if I'm lucky and then it all goes out of the window! I'd love to meet someone who in December has still stuck to their resolution.

Great giveaway guys!

Inspired by Savannah said...

My resolution is to lose the remaining weight I gained during my pregnancy. It is 5 months out and I need to lose 15 more lbs.

rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com

tinav663 said...

My new years resolutions is to have a new found obsession with lego!:) Also to meet taylor swift in march <-- this one has to be done!I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly.... ermmm i will make a scrap book and keep the amazing memories i will make in 2011 :)

Awesome giveaway <3 xxx

Sui Lam said...

1. my first and a very immediate new year resolution:
Knows how to sing une chanson Française & ein Lied Deutsch! =//P
2. be a good and creative friend in reality and virtually!
3. collect pictures of my favourite animals (e.g deers, crocodiles, penguins, flamingoes and monsters) and make a nice collage with them
4. start a plan of meeting my favourite animals in real life. the trip will start nxt year hopefully (along with my nxt Europe trip)
5. learn to be a gravity cheater
6. dream a lot!
7. win this competition!
8. have more sound-impossible resolutions later but really pay effort to make them happen after that ;)

Good luck everyone!!
*is happy and excited*
*jumps up and down*

Philocalist said...

My new years resolution is to get my writing published somehow, somewhere , infact, anywhere! Newspaper, leaflets, magazines. I just want my work out their, payed or unpaid. I've had an article published once in a newspaper, during work experience last year but I had someone else working on it with me because I suppose they didn't trust a college student! So I guess the work didn't really feel like my own! I'd prefer Company magazine but I have to be realistic haha!!

Wish me luck eh!?

Love J.

Julia said...

My first resolution is to win this competition and then my life will be almost complete. My second resolution is to become a digital nomad travelling the world and eating delicious food (one of my favourite pastimes!)


Louise Nowelle said...

Such a great give away!

My New Years resolutions are

- to create and make a photography book (also to learn how to bookbind)
- Be healthier
- Make a quilt from scratch
- Get Wallpaper Rose in a magazine (worth a try...)
- bake more.
- Get a decent job that pays well.
- learn to ride a bike...


FromGemWithLove said...

My new years resolution is to get my photography work published.

My twitter is protected so here you go,a copy:

FromGemWithLove Gem Gem
'Happy 1st Birthday Deer Brains #DBbigbdgiveaway'
now Favorite Reply Delete


Anonymous said...

My NY resolution is to be more motivated and to learn to love myself the way I am, so I can respect myself and henceforth, maybe people will respect me more. More minor resolutions, not to buy from the high street/buy new clothes in 2011 (charity shopping exclusively), to consume less, reduce my carbon footprint and to be more organized (I bought a 2011 moleskine today so baby steps!)

Anonymous said...

My new years resolution should be not have a new years resolution because I NEVER stick to them. But this year, I'm doing the cliché; trying (and failing) to loose a bit of weight. And, being more me and less everyone else :-) I hope that one is successful.

This giveaway is beyond great!

Isabel Oriana said...

My New Year's resolution is to sift through the 18,000 e-mails I have and maybe go wild and delete a few

Copy of Tweet:
IsabelOriana Isabel Oriana
Happy 1st Birthday Deer Brains #DBbigbdgiveaway

Happy Birthday! P.S Great website xox

Maria said...

Hmm, my new years resolution is to create something every week, keep learning, stay positive, travel more, worry less!

Unknown said...

my new years resalution is to stop bitching and eat less junk food, not be a lazy oaf, that i don't panic, and to be more in CTRL

Unknown said...

my ny resolution is to be inspired to create things more often, treat my body better and to travel far and wide!

Kate said...

My new years resolution is not to make a single resolution because i always break them!
Great giveaway
i tweeted about the giveaway (@kaaate71) and liked my favourite thing (kate mckay) :)

girl with chanel said...

mine is to eat more chilli

Crown and Glory said...

My new year's resolution is to do more things that scare me.

Unknown said...

My new years resolution is to become someone I enjoy being.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start to learn to say NO more often to people but still be my normal usual self, just don't want to be taken for granted anymore

Anonymous said...

OOPS should of said the above was tweeted by myself @dancer2712

Fayoona said...

my resolution is to have a friend date with SB. she knows who she is. And I'm definitely following DB and LO and BJF and lots of the other things on twitter and facebook and everything.
you're grrrreat

Kimberley Read said...

My three new years resolution are to:
1. Learn to love London. After migrating to London from Cornwall in July to follow my Passion of Television Production, I have yet to experience all of the wonderful things of which dreamt of in London
2. Pursue and initiate the nitty gritty if my homemade crafts company "Kimberley's Wishes"
3. Dance more : )

LJ said...

My new year's resolution is to be different this year and not have a new year's resolution. We'll see if my plans work out well this year that way!
xx-LJ from SOS!

marta lucy summer said...

my new years resolution is to be fabulous to the max, like i know i can, but am too often lacking the confidence or energy. to live up to my full, awesome potential.

Sarah Bailey said...

My New Years Resultions were

1. To lose weight - Still on track with that one.
2. To NOT over sleep, and get up at a more resonable time, sadlyI have already failed on this one.
3. To look after my skin more.

Avril said...

My new years resolution is to create more quirky and fun illos, move to the uk (huge dealio for me) and be a success

Fb liked the hedgehog sooo cute

Twitter is @A4Avril
Happy 1st Birthday Deer Brains #DBbigbdgiveaway

Unknown said...

My new years resolution is to swim from pier to pier in Brighton, started training last week!

AliceLily said...

What an amazing giveaway. I had a few resolutions ( but my favourite one is remember that things can and will change, you just have to do something about it. :) xx

Amy Valentine said...

my new years resolution is to do even the littlest things to brighten up people's day; for example, putting an inspirational post it somewhere, compliment people with insecurities, even as little as smiling at a stranger! in fact, i'm so passionate about this that i'm volunteering with a school group to try save up so that i can go to africa and help the community there, can't wait! (:

twitter: svjewellery
i also liked the facebook group(:

Sinead_k_McDonald said...

new years resolution ...
To graduate my fashion studies course in July, learn how to drive and make loads of fashion films and books based on menswear to get the job I want.

mystylespot said...

My new years resolution is to wake up each day and think about one thing i'm really excited for that day. I think this will help keep me more positive, and motivated to get out of my warm, soft bed! :)


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