Monday, 24 January 2011

Flickr Feature #10

We are onto our 10th flickr feature, thats 10 weeks since you deerbrainers started submitting to our flickr group. We have seen some really good photos and illustrations, even a few photo montages! We are up to 107 members but think you should spread the work of Deerbrains and the flickr group, get your friends involved and in on the action. We want to see what the creative youth are coming up with, we want to tell fellow creatives about what you create.

Alex Catt

Alex seems to drop little gems into the flickr group now and again, he doesn't submit as much as other but the quality of what he submits is always superb. This is a fine example of his work, it mentions he is shooting a new portrait series so look out for that!

See more here

Anna Connacher

We like how Anna shows the festival vibe, guys chilling in mankini's. Nice!

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Jameson Kergozou

This is quite disturbing and thought provoking, it will cause some people to question Jameson's morals. That makes this photo the kind that people aspire to take, one that puts thoughts into peoples heads. 

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Josh F

The colours of the garage doors stood out here and grabbed our attention, we also like the 80's feel it has.

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Maxwell Tomlinson

Maxwell seems to be quite popular on flickr and rightly so, he turfs out consistent strong images that are very aesthetically pleasing. We like the contrast he has shown here of the dark tree and the orange boots and the cross on the tree. 

See more here

That's all for another week, keep submitting HERE and maybe see some of your work right here on Deerbrains.

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lyzi said...

The Josh F flickr link doesn't seem to work! x

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