Sunday, 16 January 2011

Magazine Galore part #1

Over the past year we've been in contact with some great magazines and zines. We've been very lucky to have been sent some really great ones and for the next fews weeks we will be giving you the low down on some of the best.

This week we've dedicated 'Magazines Galore' to SQ...

SQ Magazine is the leading independant youth culture publication for the South Coast of England. We must say that if you are a resident of the South Coast this magazine is probably the best one around, full of fashion, art, news and events. The magazine has an audience of an impressive 10,000 and brings the South Coast delights of our fave Luke Woodford as well as many other impressionable, inspirational, hardworking individuals.

"As there's only two of us managing the interviews, ad sales and emails on a day-to-day basis, the workload can be tough at times. So it's totally vital we have big support from our contributors for each issue, quick shout outs to Tom Mac, the reason we have such monstrous front covers for each issue, our webmaster Mark Tickner for all the background work on our upcoming site, resident columnists Arif Ali and Josh Babarinde and everyone else who make SQ possible."

SQ Magazine is available at all good independant retailers and University/College campuses throughout East Sussex.
If you want to get involved with the magazine or want one sent directly to your door step please click here.

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