Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shad & Dallas "Two Songs"

Plain and simple. SHAD is incredible. Dallas Green also deserves the same accolade. Together on two tracks contributing to the worthy charity Skate4Cancer? Today is really a good day.

Since collaborating with the likes of Cadence Weapon and Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger and Brendan Canning, SHAD's game seems to be at an all time high. After already proving himself as a highly skilled lyricist with the albums, 'The Old Prince' and his latest masterpiece 'TSOL', current rumours are suggesting even the likes of Drake and Florence Welch are awaiting future collaborations.

Here's what the man has to say,

"When I'm a fan of someone, I'm just a huge fan. I'm not really thinking about working with them. "Even with Dallas, for the longest time I wasn't really thinking, 'Oh, I want to work with him." It was more like, 'Oh, I'm just a huge fan.' I went to see him in small clubs in London [Ontario] five years ago, you know? So I've just never really thought of things like that. There's artists that I love that would maybe be cool to write a song together, but I'm always just kind of content to be a fan."

"We talked about him doing something on the album ['TSOL'], but he was pretty busy so it didn't work out. But we kept in touch, and then in the summer, he just dropped me a line saying, 'I'd like to still work on something.' And I was obviously down."

The two featured tracks include 'Live Forever', a new and melodic collaboration, and a B-side remix of Shad's 'Listen,'

The songs are now both available on iTunes.

In the words of Hammer... 'TOO HYPE TOO HYPE'

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