Thursday, 27 January 2011

These New Puritans

This Southend four-piece still blows our minds, a year on from the release of their LP Hidden. The album is a complete grower, and cropped up on several Best of 2010 lists (topping the NME's). This is art rock fusing elements of hip hop with shuddering synths and orchestral instrumentation. Yes, that's right: you're likely to hear both a drum machine, sharpened knife and glockenspiel on the same track.

TNPS are young pioneers of the dark, post-evertyhing scene coming out of South London at the moment, and will please fans of James Blake, Jamie Woon, Bjork and Radiohead. Plus, they play with hanging chains on stage for a film-like Foley effect. That's a win-win.

TNPS are Jack Barnett (songwriter, producer, vocals, multi-instrumentalist), his twin George Barnett (drums, loops), Thomas Hein (bass guitar, sampler, drums), and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (keyboards, vocals, sampler).


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