Monday, 28 February 2011

Flickr Feature #15

It's Monday night which means we have been scoping what you guys have submitted to our Flickr group: we are on time this week too! There has been some seriously good work submitted this week which we are really stoked to see. The flickr feature has proved very popular on Deerbrains getting a seriously large number of hits.

First up is Rory J Cole

Rory has got a lot going on in this photo which we like. Who doesn't like triangles? Not quite sure what the story is behind this photo but we like it.

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Rui Riberio

This reminds of us of Robin, the defined face along with the mask. 

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Ben O'Neil

We like Sleigh Bells and Ben was lucky enough to capture them live, with some crazy hair motion going on there!

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Rhea Baweja

We like alternative fashion here at Deerbrains and Rhea has captured it perfectly here. Her photostream is pretty good and worth a look!

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Liza Shelustun

We watched Factory Girl the other day and this reminded us of Edie Sedgewick. We love her but we also love this. Great use of black and white!

See more here

That's all for yet another week. The group is really blooming but we want it to grow more so keep submitting your work and tell your friends to sign up!

Go look for yourselves HERE!

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