Saturday, 26 February 2011

I love you completely part 13

Bunny Bisous
Gorgeous fashion blog from twenty year old Julia, who's a stylist, fashion writer and model from New York. Bunny Bisous started when Julia was sixteen. Julia is regulary photographed for The Sartorialist,, Jak & Jil and some other rad fashion websites.

The Design Files
Gorgeous little blog that started up in 2008. The Design files originates from Australia and has been featured in some great publications including our UK newspaper The Times. This is great for finding interesting articles on food, graphic design, art and home wear.

My Vibe My Life
My Vibe Life is the blog of interior designers Kelly Wearstler which showcases her inspirations, lifestyle, cuttings and pattern makers of her work. Really interesting for any budding interior or fashion designer who cut and sew their own materials.
Very high standard of photos and showcases Kelly's life and work very well.

Kris Atomic
Cute blog from Brighton lady Kristina, jam packed with her own illustrations and fashion musings. We especially like how Kris has illustrated the recent Jeremy Scott catwalk show from London Fashion Week. Lovely read.

Thought Catalog
It's like our brains are splattered all over this website. From fashion to orgasms, to technology to memories. We love it and we are pretty sure that you will too.

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Anonymous said...

I love Kelly Wearstler, but I don't understand how your description of her blog has anything to do with it. So far she has shown "vibe trays", the KWID version of the mood board (they were inspiring!), said that she loves metal (saying that she metal plated wood - another cool trick), showed some red items for Valentines Day, revealed her new fashion and accessories line, and done her usual Kelly-in-situ self promotion- including a shot of her in front of 565 Broadway in Manhattan (I'm guessing the private showing of her clothes - done in the loft of Texas clients- was at that address above Victoria's Secret.

"cuttings and pattern makers of her work"


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