Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lady Ga Ga for Supreme shot by Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga Supreme Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

So, here it is Lady Ga Ga (who I must say, never thought she would be featured on Deer Brains), Supreme and Terry Richardson. Is this all a little cliche? Or a little too perfect? We like it, because separately we like all of the 3 products from this shoot separately (except maybe Ga Ga? She's ok) but together...Hmmm.

What do you guys think? Genius? Or utter miserable mess up fail? We would love to know...

1 comment:

saaaaaam said...

hmm i dont think its genius or fail but i like the pictures that have come from it. always love a bit of behind the scenes video too, nice post.

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