Monday, 21 March 2011

Flickr Feature #18

It's monday again so time to check into whats good from our Flickr group! We have had a large number of new members this week taking us up to 160 which is great although we want to see 200!

First up is Daniel Grant

We like how raw this is, going by the subtext on Daniel's flickr we are guessing he wanted this to be almost anti fashion. Either way, we like it!  

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Ed Cresdee

Everyone loves pancake day, not only do you get to through food around the kitchen but it tastes good too! We like maple, what about you?

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James Wilson

This has to be the best annotation of Simon Cowell we have ever seen, its titled Toxic Cowell which we think sums him up perfectly. He has infected saturday night TV with his irritating viral shows exposing Britons worst musical talent. We want this on our wall!

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Jack Gilliland

We haven't seen much from jack in a while but he recently submitted this, we love his humorous takes on everyday situations. There is nothing worse than space invaders, it doesn't matter what form they come in!

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Vincent Coffre

Halloween may have been and gone but this definitely has a haunting vibe to it, the girls remind us of witches from Hocus Pocus.

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We are really stoked on what has been submitted this week, we are seeing some really original work from you guys! We want more people to submit so help us spread the good word about Deerbrains and our Flickr group, maybe we will do a little give away if we reach 250 members how does that sound? For now keep submitting and we will see what you guys are up to this time next week!

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