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Interview with Lyzi from Being Little

As Deer Brainers, one of our favourite bloggers is 22 year-old Lyzi from Being Little. Her darling indie doll panache makes her blog of illustrations, crafts, baking, fashion, and photographs endlessly addictive.  A few weeks back, we grilled her on the juiciness behind style, running a blog, baking cupcakes and being a young arty type like. Obvs.

Name: Lyzi
Age: 22
Location: Devon

When did you start blogging?
I've had a few blogs over the years. I had one in my teens which I just used as a place to vent my angst, and I had a previous blogspot which I started in March 2007 (http://lyziscribbles.blogspot.com/ if you want to have a look) which started as a way to document the work I was doing during college. I continued it until July 2010, but I felt it was a bit of a mess and didn't really have any direction or running theme. So I started over with Being Little in August 2010. 

What does your blog title / username mean?
It means a few things I guess. The main meaning behind it is "being yourself". I'm quite a little person, both physically and mentally! It's also a blog pretty much all about me, and I've had many nicknames involving "little", the main one being Little Lyzi. So it also means "Being Lyzi" in a way. Also, it gives a playful, childlike feel.

What inspires you?
Everything! Absolutely everything in the whole world inspires me in some way. I don't know if I can say much more than that! (if you need a more in depth answer let me know and I'll ramble on for a while, haha!)

How would describe your personal style?
I'm not sure really. I would hope that other people would describe my style as quirky and cute. I love to take influence from current trends, but not buy into them completely. I'm massively inspired by the way people used to dress in the past - both men and women. I'm big into vintage. I love to mix second hand and high street to create my own look.

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog initially to share my art. However, this quickly evolved into sharing many other of my interests, including fashion, food and crafting.

Why is blogging important?
I think it's an easily accessible platform to share whatever you're passionate about. It's a place to gain support and opinions on what you do. I find there's a great community feel. It's also very inspirational, I've had a lot of ideas that have grown from things I've seen on other people's blogs. I find it's a way to express yourself - kind of like a walking piece of art! It's a way to get your personality across without even having to utter a word. It's also a lot of fun - we've been dressing up since we were little kids, why stop now?

How has blogging changed or developed your style?
I think it's made me more confident to dress the way I like to, because of the positive feedback I've had. It's also made me make more effort, because I know quite a large number of people will be seeing what I look like, and basically judging me. I'm also more aware of trends and when things hit the stores. I don't think it's changed my style much at all, but it has definitely been honed and strengthened in a way

How are you different as a blogger from how you are in real life?
This is a difficult question, it's hard to judge from your own perspective. One of my best friends reads my blog and she has never commented on me being different in real life, but that doesn't mean I'm not. With your blog you can really think about what you're writing and make sure everything sounds okay, and edit it to death. You can't in real life. I think (and hope) my personality comes across in my blog. I think it's basically me, with the bad bits edited out!

Is it important for you to receive comments / feedback?
I think it is very important yes. In life we all need a bit of reassurance sometimes, and it's no different on a blog. It makes me so happy to know that people like what I do, and gives me encouragment to take my blog and my work further. I've mentioned a few times that I'm going to be setting up a shop on my blog, selling things I make, and the fact that so many people are interested and have said they'll buy from me gives me a little push to really make it happen. Also, comments on my outfits etc give me a great confidence boost, and remind me that I'm okay as I am :)

Have you developed friendships with any other bloggers?
I would say so, yes. I've only been blogging for a few months, but I've "met" some really lovely girls. They form an online support network, and they're always around on Twitter if I need a little rant or support. They always have kind words to say, and I actually really appreciate them

Are you part of any other style/blogger communities (ie. Lookbook, Independent Fashion Bloggers, Chictopia, Vice)?
To be honest, I'm not too aware of these communities. I do have a Lookbook account though.

How many followers do you have?
Today I have 674 :)

Who do you think follows your blog?
Based on the comments I receive, it's mostly girls (probably mostly between 16-25) who are interested in similar things to me (fashion, food, art, etc)

Do you make a conscious effort to increase your followers? If so, how?
No. The number of followers isn't too important to me at this moment. Obviously I really appreciate them and love that this many people are interested in what I have to say, but I don't do anything special to get them, I just blog.
What are your favourite blogs?

I have a LOT of favourites, but I'll try and narrow it down to just a few:
http://hellojenuine.blogspot.com/ - an illustration blog
http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/ - because she is basically living my dream!
http://www.anygirlfriday.com/ - always an interesting read
http://debbiehill.blogspot.com/ - simple crafty goodness
http://lovedottie.blogspot.com/  - not just saying that, i really do love one of your writers' blogs! 
http://www.ellamasters.com/ - such a sweet girl and great illustrator
http://www.fromgemwithlove.com/ - another one of the friends i've made through blogging, she has a big heart
http://gemfatale.blogspot.com/ - i love her writing style and fashion sense
http://lululetty.blogspot.com/ - another one with great style!
http://ohmyclumsyheart.blogspot.com/ - an illustration/graphics blog with feeling
http://phoebedoes.blogspot.com/ - always love seeing what she's been upto
http://sweetmondayblog.blogspot.com/ - because i'm nosey and like seeing what she's doing!
http://thatkate.blogspot.com/ - brilliant photography
http://stefannysite.blogspot.com/ - more brilliant photography
http://thesnailandthecyclops.blogspot.com/ - you may fall in love, i have
http://wishwishwish.net/ - what can i say? perfect!

I know that's a lot of blogs... but I read a lot of blogs and this is a very small section of my very favourites! The ones I look forward to reading every day!

What are your favourite magazines?
I don't actually read magazines very much anymore. When I do it'll be something along the lines of Dazed & Confused.

Do you prefer magazines or blogs?
I like both, but at the moment I prefer blogs. This is not something I thought I would say, because I love being able to hold something in my hand, the smell of the ink, and being able to physically turn the page. However, blogs are so much more accessable. They are free, and there are SO many you can always find something you're interested in, and to suit your mood. 

Do your family and friends know about your blog or view it?
I think my parents know about it, and my mum probably reads it because she is sneaky. I showed my dad and his girlfriend before Christmas when I was at their house, and they were really complimentary about it. A few of my friends know about it, although I never really told them about it. There's a link to it on my facebook. Everyone who's spoken to me about it always say they like it, which means so much. For some reason I always feel a bit embarrassed and awkward when people in real life talk to me about my blog, I don't know why!

If you could only achieve one thing with your blog, what would it be?
As I'm hoping to set up my online shop in March, I would love to achieve some sort of success with that. I'd just like to be able to make a bit of money doing something I love, and hopefully put some smiles on some faces.

Find Lyzi here.

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