Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interview with The Americans

The Americans are a band that pretty much show us all what happens when a group of artsy and talented kids get together to make music influenced by a decade their fresh faces never saw. Their blend of Americana (it had to be said) and shimmery pop sits well with us, even though it's not our usual style.

We caught up with them a few days ago to hear about their American dream, singing with Sean Lennon, and to find out what makes them tick.

Names: Charlie Klarsfeld, Sissy Clemens, Kyle Olson, James Preston and John Stanesco

Ages: 21-30

'Day jobs': Teacher, Dog Walker, waitress

The Americans

Tell us a bit about the Americans: Where have you been? What have you seen? How did you all got together as a band?
We've played a couple shows in London, Yo-Yo at Notting Hill Arts Club, and the Flowerpot when it was still around. We played a ton of gigs in NYC throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and also at colleges (universities, to all us non-Americans) on the East Coast of the US. We played a TV show on Fox 5 once!

Who are some of your favourite bands at the moment?
Right now we're into Randy Newman, Yellow Ostrich, Harry Nilsson, The London Souls and The Vaccines.

The Americans - "Requiem" Featuring Sean Lennon from Jordan Galland on Vimeo.

And your favourite places (anywhere in the world) to play?
I think colleges and London take the cake there.

How did the Sean Lennon collaboration come about?
Sean heard our first EP and really liked it, so I asked him to produce a track for us. We're huge fans of his.

What's your favourite thing about New York? Least favourite?
Favourite: it's a melting pot culture-wise.
Least favourite: It can be very gentrified and expensive.

We love your classically-influenced yet contemporary sound. What did your last/previous bands sound like?
Charlie played in a sixties pop style group called The Hysterics.
Sissy and Kyle come from a jazz background. James has played with everyone. John comes from an avant-garde background.

What sort of story do you like to tell with your music? 
Charlie basically writes the songs about his girlfriends.

What sort of non-musical inspirations drive the band? More than a list of the other musicians you like or aspire to sound like, what else pushes you to create?
Basically we're trying to do something that's accessible, but also musically complex and interesting, also original. Too much pop these days prioritizes style over substance; we're trying to avoid that.

What are your favourite sites or blogs to peep right now (if any)?
We're a little out of it technology wise...

The Americans - ANTIDOTE Music Video from Charles Klarsfeld on Vimeo.

What's up next for the Americans? What do you hope to achieve?
We'd like to get more people to hear our newest record, The White EP.

Well, they said it first: their EP is up on iTunes now, and streaming on their website here. Thanks a lot to the band, and their lovely press contact.

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