Monday, 18 April 2011

Flickr Feature #22

Flickr Feature #22, we're growing which is good and we are loving what we are seeing submitted to our flickr group so keep it coming!

Josh Fisk

We love the natural grain that film gives, it adds a mood to the photo when it is utilised correctly!

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Alex Catt

We have been following Alex's work for some time as he has always shown underestimated gems in our eyes, check out his new Zine!

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Milo Belgrove

Georgie Hobday seems to be an up and coming new face at the moment, we love her look. She always looks elegant without appearing to try, Milo has done well to capture just that here.

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Phillip Batrz

One of the beauties of Film photography is that it is full of surprises! You never know how it will turn out until you get the film back from the lab which can often make for nice little surprises, Light leaks can ruin photos but also make the so much better. The light leak really adds atmosphere to Phillip's photo.

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Cameron Gardener

We are loving the tranquility here, there is something so calming about the sea.

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Thats all for another week but please keep submitting work to our flickr group HERE and if your not a member yet then join up and show us what your doing!

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