Monday, 25 April 2011

Flickr Feature #23

So this is the Easter edition of our flickr feature, we hope you had a nice easter and ate plenty of eggs and remember jesus (he is the reason behind Easter after all!). We have been growing at a steady pace for the last few weeks which is great as we have been seeing some really good stuff in our flickr group.

Gareth Rhys

We like the moody feel this portrait has, the black and white has worked well but it would be interesting to see the colour as a contrast.

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Jonathan Tuplin

We love the natural flare, no photoshop here!

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Julie Lansom

Julie seems to have a mystical aura about her work, we love it!

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Harry Brandrick

We are surprised we didn't get more submissions from the protests that seem to be happening nationwide recently. Harry has done well to capture the moment here.

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Daniel Gentelev

The grain and contrast give this portrait an incredibly haunting feel, the subject looks like a ghost from the past. 

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Thats all for another week but be sure to check back next week and be sure to keep submitting to our Flickr group here!

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