Saturday, 16 April 2011

I love you completely part #15

Worn and Torn Magazine
This is a new magazine that is launching later on this year. Featuring all the best things from fashion, art, photography and music. Worn and Torn promises to deliver top quality content and fantastic articles. Keep and eye on their Twitter account for release of the first issue. You can win a pair of Raybans when they get to 1, 000 followers on Twitter.

Tenue de Nîmes
Tenue de Nîmes is a store dedicated to providing the world with the most quality garments from the highest quality materials such as cotton, wool and silk. Staying true to he heritage associated with the store's location and the creation of the original 'denim' their blog shares with us some really beautiful attire and stories.

Free / Man
If Free / Man isn't a subscription on you're RSS then immediately you have a problem. Highlighting some of the best in Men's style currently available, Free / Man is an essential online resource for any man wanting to be educated or find that piece that no one else has.

Counter Print
Absolutely love this website - perfect for any photographer, artist, designer etc. Let's you go through 100's of books and purchase. It really is heaven to a creative lover. We've spent hours on it and are bidding that we spend a lot on it! Whoops.

The Fox is Black 
Bobby Solomon's 'The Fox is Black' is a great source of contemporary art and lifestyle viewing. Mixtapes, film reviews, and spacesuits are just some of the regualr feature topics complimenting the ecclectic mix of artistry worth divulging in. Go gander.

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