Friday, 6 May 2011

Camden Crawl Experience

Well, it was an experience! Sunshine, Gaymers cider, live bands, and a Wrigleys 5 spaceship at the Camden Roundhouse. Obviously! So, after a drink or two I decided to play on the new Wrigleys 5 iPhone/iPod touch app for a minute, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't fully get the gist of it... Great sound effects though and vocals from Benedict Cumberditch... So after I failed abysmally at the App I decided to try out the real deal.... Dun dun duuuuuun the pitch black dark all horrifying Spaceship, after donning the appropriate safety gear, a helmet, and sexy knee pads, we were ready to go. No waaaaay was I going to go through it alone! So hand in hand my friend and I walked through what I believe were chains, crawled in tunnels, walled into walls and eventually made our way to the end. Did I happen to mention my friend screaming the entire time? No? Well she did. A lot, which just meant I was laughing at her the whole time! We got some fetching piccy's of us in our head gear at the end.... and it was over! A great twist to the Camden Crawl chilled out vibe. The rest of the day was so fun too, will definitely be attending next year! 

Thanks to VICE for supplying us with tickets.

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