Monday, 16 May 2011

Flickr Feature #26

Its monday, you know the drill!

Heiner Luepke

We like how this looks very victorian, it is incredibly dreamy!

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Jacclyn wilkie

We have been watching a lot of horror movies recently so this reminds us of those old photos that supposedly show a ghost in the frame, what do you think?

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Josh Fisk

There is something very eary about empty children's parks, they go from being incredibly noisey to absolutely silent. There is no middle ground, only the two extremes. 

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Daniel Gentelev 

We want to live here!

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Patrick Joust

We aren't quite sure what to say about this photo by Patrick other than we really like it! The colours and the crispness made this photo really stand out against the others, Good work!

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That is it for another week but we look forward to seeing many more submissions next week! If you aren't a member of our flickr group then join and start submitting work as we love to see it, you can join HERE.

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