Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mos Def live @ XOYO

Mos Def. Hip Hop legend. Enough said.

We were lucky to get up close and personal with him on stage (see below). His performance was truly amazing with his enchanting feet gestures and facial expressions - and of course not forgetting the music... He even somehow managed to make 'sweat breaks' cool by prancing around the stage, saxophones in the background, and chanting 'sweat break ...yeah' in that husky voice of his.

This was all organised courtesy of Ben Sherman for the launch of his Very Important Plectrums - plectrums signed by famous people and then auctioned off for charity. Everyone was there that night, from people at Clash Magazine to Jameela Jamil (T4 presenter), and what an amazing night it was.

Just check it out below:

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