Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dorrell Merritt

We big fans of Dorrell and have been following his work for some time now, if you haven't heard of Dorrell then where the hell have you been for the last 12 months? He is a sick photographer breaking out into the world of fashion photography but reshaping it as he goes, our interpretation of his work is that he is bringing fine art and fashion together. He creates deep meaningly images with fashion being his subject matter. Enough of our ramblings, see what Dorrell has to say for himself!

Hi Dorrell tell us a little bit about yourself?

Im a 20 year old photographer who stays in London as much as he physically can; as well as being a student at Coventry university.

As a photographer, what does photography mean to you?

Some days I get to tell stories and others I get to interpret people or places: and sometimes all three. Photography gives me power from the perspective of creation; it allows me to bring concepts, thoughts and feelings into fruition; it helps me understand perception, life and the finite.

You recently made the switch to using only film for your work, what was the motivation behind this decision?

I had a lot of bad habits back when I shot digital; film is "real", a good discipline and beautiful in its organicity.

What equipment are you currently using?

Hasselblad 500c and various film types, and sometimes instant film cameras: polaroids or instax mini.

From looking at your twitter and blog posts you see pretty busy at the moment, care to tell us what you have been up to recently?

I have been doing a number of collaborations as well as talks for ones for the near future. More recently I was able to work with soul//r&b singer Szjerdene, artist Amar Stewart of "Aum-Brand" which was an awesome project and got to spend a day documenting behind the scenes of Duffy Jewelery HQ, which was also great. I have also been started working with 1883 Magazine.

We noticed you have been working closely with some D1 and FM models, how did that come about?


What inspires you outside of photography?

The concept of the melancholy, a lot of pre-20th century literature, the pre raphaelite brotherhood and those associated, modern cinematography and in many ways, London itself.

Do you have any projects on the go at the moment?

I'm currently working on some magazine submissions which I'm looking forward to. Other than that, just working and planning, which doesnt sound exciting at all, but hopefully will be.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

No Idea; alive and working hard hopefully ...

What can we look out for from you in the near future, any big up coming commissions?

A lot of fashion work, and a lot of collaborations. My project with clothing brand, Aum-brand will be for sale in Upper Playground, Kingly Street over the summer so check out my blog//twitter for updates.

Coming from the man himself we can expect big things in the near future, be sure to check his blog, website and why not give him a follow on twitter? Links below.


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