Monday, 20 June 2011

Flickr Feature #31

Here is this weeks edition of our Flickr feature!

Hayley Warnham

We like how this could be interpreted as showing a modest womans gluttonous fantasies!

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Isadora bellotti

Here in the UK June has been pretty grim with a serious amount of rain, this may be Brazil but we can hope we will get similar weather soon so we can enjoy summer!

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Amandine Paulandre

We dont need to talk about this photo, we love it!

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Bruno Bernardi

Bruno's use of double exposure makes this copse seem haunted with the faint features of a person coming through them. We like that you can only make out the outline as it leaves you guessing what their appearance might be!

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Erich Deleeuw

We love the mix of textures that Erich has achieved with this combination of 35mm and polaroid.

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Thats it for this week, if you haven't been featured yet then don't worry just keep submitting your work and no doubt we will see your work. We want to try and show fresh work from different people each week so tell your friends about our Flickr Group and get them to sign up and submit work. We want to help people break out and we are constantly scouring the flickr group for people to get a solo feature. Can we make 300 members by next monday?

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