Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Flickr Feature #32

Sorry about the delay with this instalment of our Flickr featured, we suffered technicals in the middle of making it meaning we were un able to post. Excuses aside check out what has turned up in our Flickr Group this week!

Tiffany Neman

This photo by Tiffany is so tranquil with the stillness of the water, the colours are incredibly rich too making it quite vibrant. 

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Jennifer Dunaj

The contrast of the floral background really appealed to us here!

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Milo Belgrove

We like how natural this portrait is, capturing someone not flinching or hiding behind a fake persona is a difficult skill to learn.

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David Swailes

This diptych is beautiful!

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Emma Block

We have always found fashion illustrations interesting, they appear to be a bit of a dying art these days. Long since are the days when Vogue was filled with them.

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Another week gone by, fingers crossed we don't suffer any more technicals! We currently have 240 members of our Flickr group, lets see if we can beat 250 by Monday! We run our feature every week and it is great exposure for any up coming artists as Deerbrains has a large amount of internet traffic so be sure to join and start submitting!

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