Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Interview with Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew is a creative jack-of-all trades whom we've already featured on the blog for his music. As if being married to awesome rapper and songwriter Santigold weren't enough, he's got an album out and a whole history of skate and surf culture we couldn't wait to hear more about too.

We caught up with him about his favourite spots around the world to play, growing up as a pint-sized Canadian skater and how John Hughes films would fit in with his music.

Name: Trevor "Trouble" Andrew

Age: 30

Any 'day jobs' beyond the music
: Pro snowboarder.

Tell us a bit about your life so far. Where have you been? What have you seen?

I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and at 7 was introduced to skate culture. I been on the road competing since I was 12 years old snowboarding. I dropped out of school in 10th grade to move to the mountains of British Columbia to be a pro snowboarder and been traveling around the world since then. I have always looked at skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding as more of an art than sport and was introduced to a lot of what inspired me musically from watching skate and snowboard videos.

What inspires you to create?

I'm always inspired to create something. Besides music, I been taking part in the design and creation of street wear, snowboard clothing, sunglasses, snowboard graphics, sneakers etc for the past 10 years (Burton, Analog, Oakley, Gravis, Electric, Nixon, Yes Nowboards, Native). I always looking for new inspiration, and I feel like traveling keeps me inspired.

Who are some of your favourite bands/musicians/artists at the moment?
Spankrock, The Weeknd, Cerebral Ballzy, Stunnaman, Yelawolf, Waka Flocka Flame.

What roles did you take on in making the record: in terms of instruments played, songwriting and production?
I am hands-on all the way around with my music. I write the tracks using bass, guitar, -ynth, mpc & protools. I write all of my lyrics, melodies after I lay down my tracks. Once I get to that point I bring in someone to produce or co-produce the track with me. On "Dreams of a Troubled Man" I had John Hill, Shitake Monkey, Mario C, Doc Mckinney, Ian Longwell aka The Super, Lets Go to War and Diplo assist with production.

Where are your favourite places in the world to visit? And to play?
I love Japan and Europe is always fun too. I just like to keep moving and discover new places.

When did you start thinking about moving from the skate world to music?
It was a natural transition, since our culture breeds art. Music has always had a huge part in motivating me with skate and snowboarding. I would always listen to music as I was shredding, a good mixtape could give me the confidence and flow on my board.

We love your marriage of electronic elements and scuzzy guitar riffs. Where do you hope to see your music project go?
Not sure, never had any idea it would go this far.

What story do you aim to tell with your music? How do you hope listeners interact with it?
I talk a lot about love, heartbreak, self struggle and self destruction.

What sort of film do you think your album would soundtrack?
John Hughes films.

Finally, what are some of your favourite websites/blogs/venues right now?
World Star Hip Hop, The Fader, Pitchfork, the NME, Youjizz, Youtube, Thrasher Magazine, Adult Swim, and

Well, he said it himself: keep up with his music and more on his site. His album, Dreams Of A Troubled Man, is out now.

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