Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Artist Feature: Tinhed

Our lovely friend Tinhed AKA Chris Wright has been a master of arts for quite some time now. We took a quick 5 minutes to catch up with artist and show you his off beat and superb work.

Who are you? What have you been up to?

Hey my name is Tinhead im 25 and I live in Oxford. Im an Illustrator. Today I'm doing quite good im still recovering from getting ready for an exhibition I had last week where i erected a great big shed hung loads of work off of it only to smash it at the end, the idea being that everyone takes a free piece of work as most people that say they're gonna buy stuff off me at exhibitions are lying! So I thought I may as well give it away for free and have fun doing it, the only thing is the bouncers just thought someone had let a madman into the place with a crowbar.

What was your first ever creation?

My first creation would probably have been dinosaurs vs areoplanes i still got em today. i drew these on those old style printing paper the ones with holes in the sides, i was obsessed i couldnt get enough. Dad used to bring em home from work and i used to draw these retarded scenes, dinos attackin planes. i still steal his printer paper to draw on, i guess some things never change.

Your most famous work?
I think most people know for the work ive done with FOALS but i have done many more numerous exhibitions im in the process of completeing an advert for Grolsch in Australia as well as many small projects zines and tattoo designs to very small silly projects and editorial work.

Who inspires you?

I would say things that inspire me are definately not other artists its usually outlaws, failures degenerates fucked up moviestars, all the wrong things really. i have great admiration for failure.

Tinhed has recently added a rad tote bag and some tees to his shop that you can purchase here. We literally cannot wait to get our hands on the bag - review will be up soon.

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