Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Richard Long / Giuseppe Penone at Haunch of Venison, May - Aug 2011

Richard Long / Giuseppe Penone
Haunch of Venison
27 May – 20 August 2011

Go. Please go.

Do you like art? I do. I like it especially when I can get up really close and interact with it. And then, I also like it when it is so vast and sprawling and infinite that it takes standing at the other side of a huge echoing room to really see it. To really take it all in. I’m happiest when I’m totally involved. And here, here in the Haunch of Venison’s temporary home at 6 Burlington Gardens, I am happy.

Long works on the land, in stones and lines and walking and shows us how the semi permanence and fleeting nature of nature and time and sculpture and painting and thinking and psychogeography is inspiring at its most basic in the images he produces. Like playing spot the stone circle in this photo, guys, or trace this line with your eyes and where do you end up? Here. In this gallery, with rocks and words and a feeling that every walk you go on from now on is somehow incredibly important.

Penone  seeks out connections with nature, carving trees and thumb prints from wood and creating huge graphite images of skin that fill rooms with their thick texture and breathtaking darkness. We finish exploring in a room with a bench and a drawing on the wall of lines and lines and lines, concentric circles radiating from a tiny thumb print. We could sit there all day. Just staring. And how it looks like water.

So go. Just go. It’s free and it’s beautiful and most of all, it’s hugely inspiring

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