Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hitler Killed the Duck

Hitler Killed the Duck is the latest series from legendary photographer David Bailey, most of you would have heard of him because of his iconic photographs of the London "it" crowd of the 60's and fashion work. For those of you not so familiar with Baileys more recent work he has been working on sculpture, painting and mixed media art. This series shows his skills as a conceptual painter but he also embraces some classic prints of his like the Kate Moss below. The reasoning for the strange title comes from a childhood memory of Bailey, he mentions how he used to go to a cinema in the east end to see Disney cartoons. That cinema was later bombed by the Luftwaffe which to Bailey as a child Killed off Daffy Duck to him, Hitler killed the Duck!

The exhibition of unseen works is on until the 12th of November at the Scream Gallery, London.

Scream London
David Bailey


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