Sunday, 23 October 2011

INDCSN x Chimp Collaboration

2011 appears to be a good year for collaborations, it has seen creatives from all backgrounds getting to together to bring something fresh and innovative to the table. This collaboration by INDCSN (pronounced Indecision) and Chimp is one to check out. INDCSN is relatively new to the streetwear scene at two years old but has done well to establish itself and slowly becoming a staple in the UK, Chimp store was founded in 1998 and has supported its local scene in Leeds from day one. The two have collaborated to create these snapbacks, yes we know snapbacks are nothing new and everyone is all about Supreme 5 panels because OFWGKTA wear them but us lot at Deerbrains still hold a place for the humble snapback. The snap backs have been kept simple with a banana logo on the front and both brands logos on the side, clean, simple and worn by a dog. What more could you ask for?

They are on sale as of yesterday for £30 in the UK in store and online, be sure to have a look!

Chimp Store

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