Monday, 31 October 2011

Lea Colombo

The idea behind my work was to interpret what a Stranger in the Village could look like, or rather, what one understands when one thinks of a stranger, or a village as a matter of fact...

When I think of a stranger in the village, I think of displacement ; To be taken out of one’s comfort zone.

So I imagined people being placed disharmoniously into a new and unknown space. Replacing the cityscape with natural environments.

I thought that this displacement would inevitably lead to absurdity, or to a wildly unreasonable mentality.

These artworks convey a sense of absurdity. The juxtaposed pictures have a fundamental quality of preposterousness. It is a world of contrasts; urban vs rural, studio-styled portraits vs landscape shots, muted vs vivid shades.

So what is absurd in the pictures? The Person or Landscape? Can absurdity only exist when two opposites come together?

According to the main principle of Yin Yang completion is only present when opposites exist in relation to each other. If it weren’t for the one, the other would be out of place. The circular format reinstates this philosophy of harmony and completion.

‘Stranger in the Village’ is a study on what is lurking on the outskirts of our village, and revealing what it is we have become a stranger to.

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Ella Victoria said...

I love these!!


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