Thursday, 24 November 2011

Deer Brains' Christmas Gift Guide - 001.

Dudes and dudettes, we cannot believe it's that time on the 2011 calender already to bring you our top picks of Christmas gifts. From now until the run up to Christmas we are going to be bringing you 6 items that we would be so stoked about seeing under our tree.

Rokit - Pink, Cream & Powder Blue Wooly Hat W/ Large Bauble. - £8.00
Actual Pain - Acid Wolf Snap Jacket - £85.00
John C Thurbin - Christmas Pattern Print - $35.00
Gemma Correll - Scribble Kitty Tote - £13.99
Melody Rose - Upcycled 'Models' Vintage Bone China Teapot with Gold - £130
Happy Socks - Red Polka Dot - £8.00

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