Monday, 28 November 2011

Fallen Footwear - Road Less Traveled

Pioneering skater Jamie Thomas has always broken boundaries and pushed the limits of the sport, and his vision and creativity for the young Fallen Footwear team is no exception. For the past six months, Jamie has taken his team of professional skaters on a journey he's called A Road Less Travelled, to explore new and uncharted territories for skate, photography and film production.

Jamie and the Fallen team are documenting their journey in some truly groundbreaking mini blogs, creating photography and videos for an upcoming feature film (release date tbc). Travelling from the US to the UK, the all American team have also visited Italy, Switzerland and Istanbul; capturing what skating in a city of 17 million people that spans two continents looks like, and documenting the team against a backdrop of the Blue Mosque and Istanbul’s unique cultural heritage.

The team travelled on to Croatia and then South Africa, conquering brand new skate landscapes including those created by the construction and concrete installed for the recent World Cup.
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