Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Flickr Feature #52

Our Flickr Feature showcases unknown artists, photographers and illustrators that submit work to our Flickr group. Every monday we pick the 5 best submissions from the last 7 days to help the artists get exposure, it is open to anyone so feel free to submit your own work for the chance of it to be featured on the site!

Heiner luepke

We love the dreaminess of Heirners work.

Corinne Perry

This looks a bit like a carte de visit, the lack of a face makes it quite eary.

Laura Kirst

The colours and contrast in this photo by Laura are outstanding, the model is also very elegant. 

Gareth Rhys

We have noticed Gareth's work for some time in our flickr group as it is always very strong, he has a great ability to get what he wants from the models he uses. 

Philipp Bartz

The subtle light really adds to the mood here, we love it!

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