Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween with Vans

On Friday night Deer Brains traveled over to deepest darkest Vauxhall to celebrate Halloween- the most slutty, cavity inducing holiday of the year- with Vans and the Crossfire skate company at their annual Halloween Massacre. While the weather was lousy and the drinks were expensive it didn't stop the aptly named Hidden from being a great place to hold such an event. The, possibly unintentional, dark and divey feeling helped buoy up a night of punk rock, classic rock and techno rock. The crowd responded with enthusiasm in spades and, not that we're suggesting this was the reason but, as we were told and shown, scary costumes are a great place to hide dubious substances.

Chemicals aside, the live music was loud and raucous with Cerebral Ballzy managing to make a room full of people, probably old enough to know better, mosh until their lips were bloody and their bodies bruised. And after all the excitement of a hardcore punk concert, weirdly juxtaposed with a room full of cartoon characters, the only sensible thing to do was to retire to the classic rock room and sing along to songs you'd forgotten that you knew the words to. The night was rounded off by a spell spent throwing shapes in the techno room, but as four o' clock started to loom into view even the zombified and the undead were a bit tired and things had long since wound down.

Except maybe for this man and his mask.

Like monsters at the end of horror films, the Massacre will no doubt be back again and if you're looking for something to do that's slightly different next year, then you can join in with the mixture of plumbers and aliens seen below.

And this green fella will hopefully be making a return.

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