Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pepper-Spraying Cop

You may have already seen the shocking viral videos from the Occupy Uni of California Davis movement last week, where Lt John Pike of the campus police casually sprayed a group of protesters point blank in the face like he was watering some plants. He now has his own internet meme floating around and it's using a touch of dark humour to drive home a point about the police reaction, in the way that only basic Photoshopping can.

The image that started it all
See the original footage of the incident here. Our support goes out to all those camping and protesting peacefully at Occupy Together camps around the world.

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Anonymous said...

So simple but effective. Amazing how technology these days can highlight situations like this. Once upon a time, people would have filed complaints against being pepper sprayed but when up against 'the law' who would have believed them. Then came along Twitter/Facebook et al and now there is no hiding place :)

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