Thursday, 8 December 2011

Brighton Comic Readers

 The brainchild of Charlotte Overton-Hart and Aidan Fortune, Brighton Comics Readers is a discussion, socialising and networking group for all matters comic-related.

Whether you rush to your local comics store to pick up the new releases every week or just starting to get interested, Brighton Comics Readers is a great way to find out more about comics in your area and beyond.

We meet up once a month in an informal setting for a couple of hours to chat about what is happening in the comics world, artists we love or have just discovered and to provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to socialise and discover more about the medium.

Fans of all genres are welcome although we’d prefer if you kept your underpants inside your trousers. There are no initiations to join but occasionally some homework may be given out to help keep conversation flowing at the group meetings.

To keep up to date with the latest meetings and news you can follow them on Twitter here.
They also have a Tumblr full of creativity here.

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