Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Passarella Death Squad translucent ‘Rep’ jacket

We get sent some strange things sometimes and these clear anorak by Passarella Death Squad are definitely strange at first glance, we weren't sure if we loved these or hated them at first but after doing some background research some consideration over their purpose we grew to like it. Passarella Death Squad as a brand pride themselves on their use of high quality japanese fabrics and being manufactured solely in Japan and London, they are relatively small but a collaboration with G-shock means that they shouldn't be dismissed. This anorak is a little edgy but we like that, we like that it is clear so you can see what your wearing underneath. It is styled with simplicity and function in mind, this may not be to everyones taste but at Deerbrains this goes down well in our books. Be sure to check their website and watch out for future releases, the other offerings are a little less outlandish for those who don't find this anorak to their taste. 

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