Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I love you completely part #22

MrNewton: A modest and lightly captioned street style blog from a veteran photographer. It’s great to see a street style site that features girls who aren’t just models off duty, and he’s got a great eye.
ILove Wildfox: Kimberly Fox, one half of the amazing team who started Wildfox, uses this blog as her online scrapbook, sharing the collection lookbooks and outtakes as well as other visual inspirations. You get to see how much love and effort goes into the brand, which is always a plus. 
CrackFor Your Eyes: A most excellent starting point for all things graffiti, street art and guerrilla art from around the globe. They’ve just had a major redesign too.
StrongLook: A new strong look every day, from our boy Ben Loom. He’s also the man behind Strongbones.FM, Sextape and other Brighton/London must-do parties. 
Colt +Rane: Everything from landscape photography that’s nothing like your uncle’s boring photos of the Lake District to music, video debates and album artwork.

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